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To see info and the trailer for my newly released DVD "Whale Journey," visit: www.whalejourneyfilm.com.
Purchase "Whale Jouney" from Amazon.com or my estore.

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Polaroid and Related Resources
Art Materials and Supplies

Digital Infrared
Digital Resources
Digital Studios and Printing
Photography Resources

Polaroid Transfer & Manipulation Gallery Artists
Other Artists

Photography Workshops

Sensacion sin equal

Polaroid and Related Resources

Cress Photo - sells the new SFX70 flash for all SX-70 camera models, and flash adapter.   http://www.flashbulbs.com
Daylab Corp. - manufacturer of Daylab slide printers and products.   http://www.daylab.com
Four Designs Co. - source for quality refurbished Polaroid products.   http://www.fourdesigns.com
George's SX-70 pages - Thorough listing and photos of SX-70 model cameras and accessories, some of the same Description as on the Land List.   http://www.chemie.unibas.ch/~holder/SX70.html
KR Photo - source for fine antique and collectible cameras.   http://www.krphoto.com
Polaroid Transfer & SX-70 Manipulation Resources.   http://www.frii.com/~uliasz/photoart/polaroid/
Polaroid transfer discussion forum link.   bboard on www.greenspun.com
Polaroid consumer site - for Polaroid consumer products.   http://www.polaroid.com
Polaroid digital site - for Polaroid digital products.   http://www.polaroiddigital.com
Polaroid 20x24 Studio - San Francisco - Tracy Storer, director.   http://www.mammothcamera.com
Polaroid 20x24 Studio - New York - John Reuter, director.   New York - (212) 925-1403
Precision Camera and Video Repair, Inc. - repairs Polaroid and other cameras.   http://www.precisioncamera.com

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Art Materials and Supplies

Ampersand Art Supply - Clayboard products. http://www.ampersandart.com
Caba Paper Company - Handmade bark paper and bark paper sketch books. http://www.handmadepapers.com
Canson, Inc. - French Art Paper manufacturer. http://www.Canson-us.com
Daniel Smith - art paper, archival art and photo supplies. http://www.danielsmith.com
DecoArt Inc. - specialty art painting supplies. http://www.decoart.com
Design A Card / Art Deckle - tool for real deckle edges or templates for special effects on paper. http://www.ArtDeckle.com
Fiskars - manufacturers of specialty scissors, paper edgers, rotary trimmers, papers and burnishing tools. http://www.fiskars.com
Griffin Mfg Co., Inc. - manufacturer of precision cutting tools and specialty art items. grifhold@aol.com
Handcolor.com - information, resources, tips and links about handcoloring. http://www.handcolor.com
Hunt Corporation - Conté pencils and crayons; manufacturer of Xacto and Bienfang products. http://www.hunt-corp.com
Impact Images - clear bags for storing and displaying prints. http://www.clearbags.com
Jacquard Products - Pearl-Ex and textile paints and dyes, natural fiber fabrics and creative kits. http://www.jacquardproducts.com
Legion Paper - leading supplier of fine art papers. http://www.legionpaper.com
Light Impressions - archival materials for presentation and storage of your work; catalog. http://www.lightimpressionsdirect.com
Lineco - archival photo supplies. http://www.lineco.com
Loew-Cornell, Inc. - brushes, tools and accessories for the artist, ceramist and hobbyist. http://www.loew-cornell.com
Masterpiece Artist Canvas, Inc. - stretched canvases in 100% Cotton, Belgium Linen, and Portrait Smooth. http://www.masterpiecearts.com
Nielsen Bainbridge - aluminum mouldings; wall frame collection includes mats, hardware, backing and glass or plexiglass; Letraset Tria markers. http://www.nielsen-bainbridge.com
Preservation Technologies - products and services that neutralize acid in paper. http://www.ptlp.com
Pro Tapes & Specialties - manufacturer of pressure sensitive tapes for graphic/specialty arts. http://www.protapes.com
Rosco Laboratories, Inc. - manufacturers of cine gels and reflector materials. http://www.rosco.com
Savoir-Faire - importers of fine materials for the arts. http://www.savoir-faire.com
Speedball Art Products Co. - manufacturer of pens, rubber brayers and other art products. http://www.speedballart.com

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Digital Resources

Adobe Systems - software updates, new products, and technical help. http://www.adobe.com
Apple - Apple computers, products, and services. http://www.apple.com
Atlantic Exchange, Inc. - inkjet and media sales - great prices. http://www.atlex.com
Auto FX Software - special effects software. http://www.autofx.com
The Big Picture - wide format printer information. http://www.BigPicture.net
Bowhaus - Open Printmaker (IJC/OPM), great software for sepia and toned b & w inkjet prints   http://www.bowhaus.com
Cnet News - product comparisons. http://news.cnet.com/news
ColorVision - affordable solutions to color calibration. http://www.colorcal.com
Colorblind - color management systems. http://www.color.com
Digital Dog - color management Description and tips. http://digitaldog.net
Epson America, Inc. - Epson product information and sales. http://www.epson.com
Graphic Software - links to Photoshop and digital printing articles. http://www.graphicsoft.about.com
Infrared camera conversions     http://www.lifepixel.com/affiliate/idevaffiliate.php?id=227
Inkjet Mall - archival papers, inks, inkjet research. http://www.inkjetmall.com
Media Street - Generations inks. http://www.mediastreet.com
MIS Associates, Inc. - MIS inks, inkjet supplies. http://www.inksupply.com
Monaco Systems - color calibration software. http://www.monacosys.com
Nik Software - highly recommended plug-in filters for Photoshop, Elements, Lightroom and Aperture   http://niksoftware.com
Photoshop for Photographers Online - color management excerpts from the book. http://www.photoshopforphotographers.com
Photoshop User Magazine - excellent magazine for Description and tips. http://www.photshopuser.com
Profile City - profiling tools and services. http://www.profilecity.com
Roland - large format, 8 color printers. http://www.rolanddga.com
The Stock Solution - inkjet materials, InkjetArt.com. http://www.tssphoto.com
Verilux, Inc. - manufacturer of Happy Eyes daylight-balanced print viewing lights. http://www.verilux.net
Wacom Technology Corp. - Wacom computer tablets and pens. http://www.wacom.com
Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. - print longevity research. http://www.wilhelm-research.com
Worldwide Imaging Supplies - inkjet supplies. http://www.WeInk.com

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Digital Studios and Printing

Color Folio - Roland, Lightjet, and black and white piezo. http://www.colorfolio.com
Keaau Fine Art Center, Hawaii   http://www.KeaauFineArt.com
Nash Editions - Iris prints. http://www.nasheditions.com
Skylark Images - Iris, Roland, Colorspan, Lightjet, quad-tone black & white. http://www.skylarkimages.com

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Photography Resources

BetterPhoto.com - Online courses in photography, information and resources, equipment reviews, books, member websites and galleries, photo contests and more. I teach online courses through BetterPhoto.com   http://www.BetterPhoto.com

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Polaroid Transfer & Manipulation Gallery Artists
(in Polaroid Manipulations book)

Armadillo Artworks - Mitchell Shenker and Diane Dias - Offers Gicleé prints of any image in print collection in several sizes. http://www.armadilloarts.com
Tony De Bone - Offers 20 x 24 Polaroid image transfers, 3x4, 4x5, and 8x10 Polaroid formats and multiple-image formats. Accepts commissions. Available for slide lectures, workshops. goldentony@aol.com
Dayle Doroshow - Zingaro: Stamp of Distinction - Offers workshops and handcrafted wearable art and home decor for sale. dayledoroshow@hotmail.com
Barbara Elliott - Offers original and iris prints. http://www.barbaratransfers.com/
Joan Emm - workshops for individual/small group instruction, hand-altered SX-70 images, Gicleé prints on canvas. http://www.joanemm.com
Davis Freeman - portrait photographer working with corporate, advertising, graphic design and individuals to create unique images in B&W, color, or Illustratype. http://www.davisfreeman.com
Michael Going - fine art prints, private workshops, lectures, stock licensing, assignment commissions. http://www.goinggallery.com
Cynthia Johnson-Bianchetta - Offers workshops and original Polaroid transfers and Gicleé prints. http://www.sacredearthphotography.net
Dewitt Jones - prints available. http://www.DewittJones.com
Kenario - Ken Dorr and Mario Marchiaro - fine art photography, specializing in Polaroid SX-70 Manipulation. http://www.kenario.com
Wendell Minshew - offers sale of giclée prints of original Polaroid images; personal and group workshops. minshew@pacbell.net
Elizabeth Murray - offers workshops, custom commissions, books - Painterly Photography, Awakening the Artist Within, posters. Gallery: Photography West, Carmel Ca, 93921. (831) 625-1587. http://www.elizabethmurray.com
Elizabeth Opalenik - fine art sales and stock represented by Amy Sarat Gallery in Sonoma, CA and Corbis StockMarket. Editorial assignments, workshops offered on the figure and alternative processes. http://www.opalenik.com
Catherine Peters - Monet Miracle - offers SX-70 Photo Art Instruction videos, tools and illustrated manual. http://www.monetmiracle.com
John Reuter - photographer, educator and digital artist. Represented at the Catherine Edelman Gallery in Chicago. http://www.johnreuter.com
Louise Roach. - represented by Segreto Gallery in Santa Fe New Mexico. http://www.geocities.com/~louiseroach
Ernesto Rodriguez - images available through Harvest Fine Art Publishing (714) 279-2300; New Era Publishing (512) 928-3200; Grand Image (800) 900-3551. Roigas@aol.com
Amelia Tierney - offers fine art photographs for sale. http://www.ameliatierney.com
Anna Tomczak - teaches workshops in Polaroid transfer, alternative processes, hand painting and artist bookmaking. Represented by numerous galleries in the US. http://www.annatomczak.com
Joanne Warfield - offers fine art photography specializing in alternative processes as well as stock. Fine art prints available. http://www.JoanneWarfieldFineArt.com

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Other Artists
(in Polaroid Manipulations book, plus former students and colleagues)

Theresa Airey - teaches workshops on Polaroid processes, hand coloring, infrared (digital and traditional) and digital printmaking. Author of two Amphoto books, Creative Photo Printmaking and Creative Digital Printmaking.   aireyt@aol.com
Judi Bommarito - offering fine art conceptual still lifes and collage art.   810-446-8784
Patti Bose - available for assignment, stock, print and teaches workshops.   bosepics@rt66.com
Diane Fenster - fine art digital photography and photo-illustration. Represented by Gallery Henoch, New York, NY.   http://www.dianefenster.com
Heath Frost - offers Polaroid transfer prints, photographs, and handmade artists books for sale.   hfrost@speakeasy.net
Jack Iskin - offers classes in Creative Photography through Palomar College in San Marcos, CA.   760-941-7002, http://www.palomar.edu
Christopher Knoppel - offers private and group workshops including Polaroid emulsion and image transfers/mixed media techniques. Original art work for sale.   CKnoppel@aol.com
Aubri Lane - offers original artwork, photographic prints, greeting cards.   aubri_lane@yahoo.com
Diana Lee - professional artist available for technical and fine art drawings, print sales, t-shirt sales.   http://www.dianalee.com
Amy Melious - offers private commissions and sales of original artworks and reproductions.   http://www.grainofsand.com
Maureen Mongrain - owner of the "lightbox" where she is the designer and maker of her own jewelry line. All jewelry can be custom made.   light_box@mindspring.com
Patricia Ross.   prmft@attbi.com
Elena Trujillo-Spice - teaches and exhibits.   http://www.nuvophoto.com
Ken and Mary Goodrich, co- founders of Hawaii Photo Retreat, Volcano, Hawaii

Lee Tepley - underwater cinematography, whales, dolphins     Moonlight Productions http://home.earthlink.net/~leetepley/

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