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polaroid transfers

Polaroid image transfer is an alternative photographic process using peel-apart Polaroid film. An image is exposed onto Polacolor ER film by means of a slide printer, camera or enlarger. The film is pulled apart before complete development and the dye-laden negative is rolled onto another surface, such as watercolor paper. The dyes develop onto the other surface and the image is "transferred." The image may then be manipulated and handcolored if desired. Each image is unique due to the physical properties of the transfer process. Polaroid image transfers provide an extremely versatile vehicle for the visual artist, allowing for images with a painterly quality, as well as for partially rendered images.

Island Paradise

Polaroid emulsion transfers use the same film and equipment, however, the results are completely different. The image is developed fully onto the positive print of the Polacolor ER film. The image layer of the print, or emulsion, is removed with hot water. It can then be placed onto virtually any surface including three-dimensional forms. The transparent emulsion can be sculpted, stretched and torn into different shapes, then handcolored. The creative possibilities are endless for making powerful, singular images.

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polaroid manipulations
Autumn Tree

Polaroid SX-70 manipulations are created by exposing an image onto Polaroid Time Zero film by means of SX-70 and 600 series cameras, a Daylab slide printer or an enlarger. After the image develops, the film emulsion remains pliable for a number of hours so that it can be manipulated by using different tools, such as crochet hooks, wooden ceramic tools, burnishing tools, pens, etc. A variety of effects can be achieved, transforming the images so that the distinction between photographs and paintings is blurred. This film was discontinued in 2005.

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new work: italy
Grand Canal

Carnevale in Venice is totally extraordinary. Like our Mardi Gras in the U.S. before Lent, but on a grander scale, and more European. People often spend thousands of dollars on their costumes, and against the backdrop of San Marco Piazza, it was a photographer's dream. Images from Florence and Tuscany are also included. These images were taken with a Nikon 35mm camera and then exposed onto the Polaroid films for Polaroid transfers and SX-70 manipulations. Prints are made with archival pigment inks on watercolor paper and canvas in limited editions of 40.

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new work: hawaii

This gallery is the beginning of a Hawaii portfolio, and other images will be added later. Most of these images were taken with my SX-70 camera, and the remainder were photographed on slide film with a Nikon camera, except the dolphins--I used my underwater camera and black and white film, then handcolored the black and white print. Palm trees, tropical flowers, dolphins and hula are some of the subjects presented from the land of aloha. Prints are made with archival pigment inks on watercolor paper and canvas in limited editions of 40. Additional images of Hawaii are in the Polaroid Transfers and Polaroid Manipulations Galleries.

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new work: black and white infrared portfolio
Lane, Molokai

These black & white infrared images are my newest work. They are all photographed in Hawaii with a digital camera. For a long time I have been enchanted with the beauty of Hawaii--and the mystical and ethereal qualities of infrared imagery. The camera is capturing the invisible world found just beyond visible red in the near infrared band of the electromagnetic spectrum, at 700-1200 nm (0.7-1.2 mu) wavelengths. Some of these photographs were taken on our Tropical Hideaway vacation rental property on the Big Island. Limited edition archival pigment prints on watercolor paper are available of these images in sizes up to 11x14 inches.

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